ART X-RAY system

X-ray paintings with ART X-RAY from NTB

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X-ray paintings with ART X-RAY - the digital system for x-ray analysis of art objects

ART X-RAY supports museums, galleries and art dealers in the classification and authentication of paintings, sculptures and other art objects. The x-ray system was developed by NTB for this purpose.

Paintings and sculptures are generally significantly larger than x-ray films or digital flat panel systems. To x-ray such large objects with these conventional methods, it requires a high expenditure and many steps. At the end of these processes, the x-ray image needs to be stitched together by multiple single images.

With our ART X-RAY System you reduce this effort to one single step and you get x-ray images of the highest quality.
After the object is placed in the object holder, you select the appropriate X-ray parameters on the connected PC and start the scanning process by mouse-click. The X-ray image immediately appears on the screen to be evaluated and if necessary, to be edited with the user-friendly software.

Customized solutions:

  • The X-ray system is supplied according to your customized specifications. Depending on the requirements (only paintings or also sculptures to inspect), there are x-ray sources of different power ranges available.
  • According to the size of the objects, we provide cameras in different lengths - so the image capture in one scan is possible, regardless of the object size.
  • In addition, ART X-RAY is expandable as a 3D system, due to the plastic representation which is particularly interesting for sculptures and reliefs.