A look into the past

With ART X-RAY you make the invisible visible again!

Multiple repainted historical painting. ART X-RAY makes the original painting visible again.



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Städel-Museum, Frankfurt installed ART X-RAY System



The digital system designed specifically for the x-ray inspection of paintings and sculptures in art

Art museums, galleries and art dealers are often faced with the task to classify paintings and sculptures or to verify the authenticity of these art objects. With our ART X-RAY system you can have certainty of proof.

Over the course of centuries paintings have been repainted for several reasons, some even more than once. With ART X-RAY you have the opportunity to look into this past. Layer by layer, century after century, it becomes visible again - without damaging your artwork!

With our x-ray technology you can determine, if there is an older painting behind the visible surface due to the composition of older and newer colours. The animation on the left shows an example of this.

The digital x-ray system ART X-RAY from NTB has been specially developed for x-raying paintings or sculptures. It provides the highest quality images.

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