ART X-RAY system

X-ray paintings with ART X-RAY from NTB

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Software iX-Pect

The ART X-RAY system is supplied with our own software iX Pect. It has been specially developed for x-ray applications. The software is constantly evolved by our software engineers to adapt it to different applications and to extend with new features - so you are always on the cutting edge of technology.

Using the software you control the x-ray system and set the parameters for the x-ray image acquisition. After the acquisition, the image appears immediately on the screen to be evaluated.

The iX Pect software provides the following options:
  • Magnification
  • Gray level optimization
  • Scalable geometrical measurements in mm, inch or pixel
  • Enhanced features for specific applications
  • Different filter functions for the evaluation, such as contrast- and edge enhancement, emboss, noise reduction, Multiscale-Filter, etc.

Art X-Ray Software iX-Pect

X-ray inspection made simple:

Select the x-ray parameter and start the image acquisition - the image appears on the screen immediately.