ART-X-RAY system

Gemälde röntgen, Art X-ray von NTB

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»X-ray images

X-ray images

High quality images with ART X-RAY

ART X-RAY provides you X-ray images of the highest quality. Even the finest details come to the fore again. By the following pictures you can get an idea therefrom.

If you move the slider in the center to the left or right of the picture, you get a direct comparison between the original and the x-ray image. Please note that the X-ray images shown are reduced for Internet use in quality. All details can be seen only in the original radiograph. By your request we will send you some of the original images.

Picture from "Zug der Götter nach Walhall" by the German painter Hans Thoma.

Above first the original picture. In the comparison picture below, we have turned it upside down. So you can see boys in the middle and in the lower right corner of the x-ray, and a cat in the middle, which was painted over in the original.

Gemälde Thoma

Copy of a famous painting by Piero della Francesca

Painting from the berlin painter Horst Lesniewicz

Painting from ther berlin painter Horst Lesniewicz