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Worry-Free to your new X-ray machine

The Art X-Ray: A turnkey X-ray solution

During the planning phase, we collaborate with you to provide the perfect solution for your museum. Afterwards, we design, manufacture, and assemble the Art X-Ray machine and put it through its paces. We then dismantle the machine to form sub-components that are as large as possible, which are delivered by a truck to your location. When the shipment arrives, our engineers are already on site to unload the truck and start assembling the machine on your premises. During the entire time, we are in close contact with you, because open communication helps all parties involved.

Once the permits for operating the X-ray machine have been obtained, we’ll conduct a comprehensive two-day training on the machine with your staff. We’ll explain how to operate the machine and how to use the software. Much of the training session will involve practical exercises with objects from your collection. Key aspects are selecting the right X-ray parameters and optimising the image quality.

Training in the X-ray room of the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum
Two conservators from the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum receive training in operating the X-ray machine
Training at the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum in Braunschweig

After the training, the attendees will be well prepared to operate the machine themselves. But even then, we won’t leave you on your own: We are happy to answer questions by e-mail and telephone. If you wish, we can also connect to your PC online to work through more complex issues with you.


This is a list of the key components an Art X-Ray machine consists of:

  • X-ray system (tube, generator and water cooler) for generating radiation
  • Direct digital line-scan X-ray camera for taking images
  • Manipulator units for scanning movements, including mechanical attachments such as painting holder, stands for the X-ray camera and the X-ray tube, etc.
  • Safety devices such as door interlocks, emergency-stop switches, safety contact edges to prevent body parts from being crushed or bruised, etc.
  • Workstation (PC with current version of Windows, monitor, mouse, keyboard)
  • Our own software "iX-Pect" for taking and processing X-ray images
  • User manual

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