iX-Pect software


Digital X-ray imaging made easy

Our iX-Pect software

Our own iX-Pect software is an integral part of each Art X-Ray machine. It was developed specifically for X-ray applications. You use the software to control the X-ray machine and set the X-raying parameters. Once the X-ray has been taken, it is available for evaluation on the screen straight away.

Some of the features iX-Pect offers are as follows:

  • Adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • Measurement functions for lengths and angles
  • Image optimization through various filter functions (sharpening, contrast enhancement and contrast normalization, relief, etc.)
  • Automatic stitching for objects captured in multiple scans

Our software engineers consistently enhance the software to adapt it to different needs and technical developments. In the ongoing development of the software, we always adhere to the principle of "as simple as possible, as complex as necessary".

Preparing an X-ray exposure

Evaluation of an X-ray image


Technical data

X-raying in 3D