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Our modular system

The Art X-Ray machines are made to customers’ specifications. On this page, we’ll show you the key components available. The information here is more of a general nature. Our reference project pages show specific details about the museums’ machines.

The X-ray system for generating radiation

The X-ray system determines which objects can be examined. In this context, the X-ray voltage is crucial. For instance, paintings on canvas are X-rayed at a voltage of between 30 and 50 kV, whereas slightly higher X-ray voltage is required for paintings on wood. If it’s not just paintings and small objects of lightweight materials that are to be X-rayed, the X-ray system needs to be designed for higher voltage.

X-ray tubertw MCD 100-H3 / 1000rtw MCD 100-H3 / 1500Comet MXR-160/21Varex HPC-160FB
X-ray voltage20 kV – 100 kV20 kV – 100 kV30 kV – 160 kV20 kV – 160 kV
Max. X-ray power1000 W1500 W1600 W1600 W
Max. X-ray current45 mA45 mA20 mA20 mA
Focal spot (EN 12543)3,0 mm3,0 mm1,0 mm & 3,0 mm5,5 mm
If necessary, we can also fit other X-ray tubes

The line-scan X-ray camera system for imaging

The line-scan X-ray cameras take the X-ray images in a scanning process and come in various lengths. The camera’s effective sensor length defines the height of the X-ray image that can be captured in one pass. Several scans are required for higher objects. The width of the image is governed by the width of the machine.

Type of camera SEZ T3-640 SEZ T3-800 SEZ T3-960
Effective sensor length 627 mm 784 mm 941 mm
Imaging method Direct digital imaging by line scanning
Spatial resolution 300 DPI
12 pixels/mm (pixel size 83 μm)
Regardless of the size of the X-ray image
Dynamic range 12 bit A/D conversion (4096 grey scales)
Features • 5-year radiation damage guarantee
• Very robust, industry-grade design
• Not sensitive to scattered rays, which means better image quality
• Made in Germany
Both shorter and longer cameras are available

What we offer

iX-Pect software